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Begin your journey towards finding an Industrial Property in Wigan with the unmatched excellence of B8 Real Estate. Specialising in identifying unique opportunities across Wigan and the wider North West region, we stand at the forefront of the industrial and commercial property sector.

Amidst a constantly shifting marketplace, our attention remains fixed on Wigan and the North West region, setting us apart from the competition. Whether you're in pursuit of a factory, warehouse, or your latest industrial investment, our experienced team can assist in finding an ideal property.

Why is Wigan rising as a sought-after location for industrial property?

With its blend of historical significance in coal mining and modern infrastructural growth, Wigan presents a solid foundation for businesses looking for growth and stability.

How does Wigan's industrial backdrop differentiate itself from other regions?

Wigan takes pride in its industrial past while steering towards a future enriched by diversified industries. This evolution creates a dynamic environment for businesses seeking both tradition and innovation.

How does B8RE navigate the intricacies of Wigan's industrial landscape?

At B8RE, we understand Wigan's unique trajectory. Our property selections in the area offer a bridge between its storied past and the promise of its future. Finding a commercial property in Wigan with B8 is easy. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Which industrial sites in Wigan should be on the radar for businesses?

The Wigan Enterprise Park, The Bradley Hall Trading Estate and the South Lancs Industrial Estate are noteworthy destinations, symbolising the region's suitability for an industrial property hub.


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Unit 6, Smethurst Lane

Existing Building

Lancashire, WN5 8EG

Unit 6, Smethurst Lane

8,625 Sq ft

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Track Record

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We’ve worked on some of the largest industrial and distribution property deals in the North West over the past 20 years, but we’re most proud when our clients get the results they want.

From advising on complex investment projects to the disposal of high-profile properties across the region, we have the experience and expertise you need.

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