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Discover a superior level of service in your search for an Industrial Property in Oldham with B8 Real Estate. Our deep market understanding, combined with a focus on Oldham and the North West region, enables us to deliver unmatched service.

We stand apart from the competition with our sole concentration on the North West region, including Oldham. If you're in pursuit of a factory, a warehouse or your latest industrial investment property, allow our skilled team to assist you in securing the perfect industrial property.

Why is Oldham gaining traction for industrial properties?

Oldham's proximity to Manchester and its robust transport infrastructure make it an attractive location for businesses exploring industrial options.

What makes Oldham appealing to industrial businesses and investors?

Oldham boasts well-established transport links, competitive property valuations, and a dynamic local economy, making it a prime choice for those in the industrial domain.

How can B8RE support businesses in locating the right industrial property in Oldham?

B8RE features a selection of Oldham properties, and our expert team aids businesses in identifying spaces that cater to their specific needs. If you require any help in your search for a commercial property in Oldham, please let us know.

Which industrial zones in Oldham stand out?

The Chadderton Industrial Estate and the Higginshaw Business Park are leading choices in Oldham, known for their strategic positioning and high-quality facilities.


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Manchester Road, Hindley Street


Greater Manchester, OL7 0DA

Manchester Road, Hindley Street

10,746 Sq ft

B10, Parklands

Existing Building

Lancashire, OL10 2TT

B10, Parklands

42,257 Sq ft

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Track Record

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