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Embark on your search for an Industrial Property in Leyland with the trusted guidance of B8 Real Estate. As a distinguished authority in the commercial and industrial property arena, we excel in pinpointing potential opportunities across Knowsley and the wider North West region.

We stand out with our unique focus on the North West region, especially Knowsley. If you're seeking a factory, warehouse, or new industrial investment property, our adept team is ready to help you secure the perfect match for your requirements.

Why is Leyland an attractive proposition for industrial property?

Leyland's close proximity to Preston and its enhanced transport connections make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking industrial spaces.

What benefits can industrial businesses and investors gain in Leyland?

Leyland offers key transport routes, competitive property prices, and a thriving local community, making it attractive to those in the industrial realm. If you need any help or advice in finding a commercial property in Leyland, please get in touch.

How can B8RE assist businesses in finding the best industrial property in Leyland?

B8RE provides a curated list of Leyland properties, and our team is dedicated to helping businesses identify spaces that suit their objectives.

Which industrial zones in Leyland are particularly recommended?

The Centurion Industrial Estate and the Tomlinson Road Industrial Estate are among the top choices in Leyland, valued for their strategic positioning and good facilities.

Sorry, we don't currently have any properties available in this region.

Investment Properties

Investment Properties

We are market leaders in industrial investment in the North West, offering property investment consultancy to a range of clients, including institutions, property companies, overseas investors and high net worth individuals.

Our knowledge and direct agency experience of locations in the North of England combined with our professional network position us perfectly to source the right investment opportunities for you.

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