Industrial property in Cheshire – a guide

Cheshire, an affluent county in the North West, is renowned for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant economy. Key towns like Warrington, Chester, and Crewe are at the heart of the county's economic dynamism. Cheshire's strategic location, close to major cities like Manchester and Liverpool, positions it uniquely in the UK’s industrial landscape. Just because Cheshire is leafy it punches above its weight when it comes to productivity and many of Cheshire's towns are hubs of industrial activity. 

Market Analysis

Cheshire boasts strong transport links, including major roads like the M56 and M6, extensive rail networks, and proximity to international airports, enhancing its appeal for industrial activities. Cheshire is also home to some large and well-known businesses including Bentley, British Salt, Johnson Cleaners and Pets at Home. Astra Zeneca also has a major campus in Macclesfield. Many towns in Cheshire border both Merseyside and Greater Manchester providing access to a large potential workforce. 


Unique Selling Points

Cheshire offers a range of benefits for industrial businesses. 

Skilled workforce: The county’s educational institutions provide a steady pipeline of skilled professionals. Cheshire is home to a diverse range of Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) Institutions.

Business-friendly environment: Local governance in Cheshire is supportive of industrial growth and development.

Infrastructure developments: Ongoing investments in infrastructure enhance the county’s attractiveness for industrial operations.


B8 Real Estate’s Role


B8 Real Estate, with its deep understanding of Cheshire’s industrial property market, offers personalised services to clients. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of industrial properties, from warehouses to specialised manufacturing facilities. We guide our clients through every step of the process, ensuring they find properties that align with their business objectives.


Here’s a breakdown of some of the key industrial property hotspots in Cheshire: 




Known for its historical silk industry, Macclesfield combines rich heritage with modern industrial facilities. Its strategic position near the Peak District offers scenic advantages and logistical connectivity.




As home to the UK's first industrial estate, Winsford Industrial Estate, Winsford is a town is a hub for manufacturing and distribution, bolstered by excellent road access.




Chester, with its blend of historic charm and modern infrastructure, offers a unique setting for businesses looking for a mix of tradition and innovation in their industrial spaces. Chester may be known as a tourist destination but its proximity to both North Wales and Merseyside makes it a perfect location for businesses that want easy access to Ports and many other industrial businesses. 




Positioned amidst Cheshire's salt mining heartland, Northwich's industrial sector is underpinned by chemical and manufacturing industries, supported by strong transport links. Northwich is situated close to Ellesmere Port but it is also easily reached from Liverpool and Manchester making it perfectly situated for ambitious industrial companies seeking to expand. 




This picturesque town, while known for its cultural heritage, is also a thriving spot for small to medium-sized industrial units, appealing to diverse business needs.


Ellesmere Port


A major player in the automotive and manufacturing industries, Ellesmere Port's proximity to the Mersey estuary and robust transport networks makes it ideal for heavy industrial activities.




Warrington stands out for its central location between Manchester and Liverpool. It's a prime spot for logistics and distribution centres, offering excellent motorway access. Like the rest of Cheshire Warrington has a diverse industrial scene including engineering, chemicals and life sciences. 




Renowned for its railway history, Crewe has evolved into a key industrial and commercial centre, particularly appealing to businesses in the transportation and logistics sectors.


B8 Real Estate’s Role


For each of these Cheshire locations, B8 Real Estate offers specialised knowledge, guiding clients through the nuances of the local industrial property markets. Our tailored approach ensures you find the ideal property that aligns with your specific needs.


Discover the potential of Cheshire for your industrial property needs. Contact B8 Real Estate today to explore bespoke solutions and opportunities in this dynamic county.

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