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Launch your quest for an Industrial Property in Bolton with B8 Real Estate. Specialising in identifying unique opportunities, we channel our deep knowledge of Bolton and the wider North West region to your advantage.

Amid a dynamic marketplace, our sole focus on Bolton and the broader North West region sets us apart. Let our experienced team assist you in locating a factory, warehouse, or your latest investment property in Bolton with our team of experts. 

Why is Bolton considered a prime location for industrial property investments?

Bolton, located in Greater Manchester, benefits from its historical industrial roots and modern connectivity. The town's strategic location, with direct access to major transport links and its proximity to Manchester city centre, makes it a preferred spot for businesses looking for advantageous industrial property locations.

What makes Bolton stand out for industrial businesses and investors?

Bolton's strength lies in its blend of affordable property rates, well-established transport infrastructure, and a skilled local workforce. Additionally, the town's continuous developmental initiatives and its commitment to fostering business growth create a conducive environment for both emerging and established industrial enterprises.

How does B8 Real Estate streamline the process of securing industrial property in Bolton?

B8 Real Estate, with its specialisation in the industrial and logistics real estate sectors, offers a comprehensive portfolio tailored to the Bolton market. Our team provides expert guidance and consultation, ensuring businesses find properties that resonate with their operational requirements and strategic visions. If you need some assistance on your journey to finding a commercial property in Bolton, please contact us.

Are there specific industrial parks or estates in Bolton that businesses should consider?

Yes, Bolton hosts several prominent industrial zones such as the Wingates Industrial Estate and the Logistics North Development. These areas, designed to cater to a range of industrial operations, provide modern amenities and strategic positioning.


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Unit B8, Plodder Lane

Existing Building

Lancashire, BL4 0LR

Unit B8, Plodder Lane

4,821 Sq ft

Unit F2/C Multiply, Lomax Way


Lancashire, BL5 1FQ

Unit F2/C Multiply, Lomax Way

32,595 Sq ft

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