Industrial Lancashire The red rose of innovation

In the heart of the North West, Lancashire presents a landscape ripe with industrial property opportunities. Skelmersdale, Blackpool, Blackburn, and Preston – offer their own distinct benefits, providing investors with a variety of environments to make their mark. In this piece we we explore some of Lancashire’s key industrial property locations and will guide you through the unique investment opportunities each area presents.


Skelmersdale: The Logistics and Distribution Hub


Skelmersdale stands as a testament to Lancashire's commitment to industrial development. With its modern business parks and emphasis on logistics and distribution, industrial property in Skelmersdale is a prime choice for investors looking to harness the town's strategic location near the M58 and M6 motorways. This connectivity, paired with a buoyant local economy, makes it an attractive proposition for businesses that prioritise transport links and accessibility. Find out more about industrial property in Skelmersdale.


Blackpool: The Seaside Town with More to Offer


Famed for its tourist attractions, Blackpool is diversifying its economy with investments in the energy and technology sectors. Beyond the bright lights of the promenade, industrial property in Blackpool offers potential in light manufacturing and service industries, capitalising on the town's broadening economic horizons and its pool of resources. Find out more about industrial property in Blackpool


Blackburn: The Manufacturing and Technology Prodigy


Blackburn's industrial heritage is evolving, with the area now emerging as a centre for advanced manufacturing and technology. An investment in industrial property in Blackburn means engaging with a town that's not only rich in history but also forward-thinking in its economic strategy. With initiatives aimed at fostering high-value manufacturing, Blackburn is positioning itself as a leader in the region's industrial transformation. Find out more about industrial property in Blackburn


Preston: The Economic Growth Front-Runner


Preston, in the heart of Lancashire, has been experiencing significant economic growth, attributed to its progressive approach to city planning and inward business development. The industrial property scene in Preston benefits from the city's strategic focus on innovation and commercial diversity, offering a dynamic environment for various industrial sectors, including aerospace, defence, and the catering industry. Find out more about industrial property in Preston

Lancashire's industrial property market is not merely an investment in land and buildings; it's a partnership with a region continuously evolving its economic fortunes. As you navigate through the investment possibilities in Skelmersdale, Blackpool, Blackburn, and Preston, you'll find each location eager to support new and expanding businesses with its unique offerings and community assets. If you need some assistance in navigating the industrial property market in Lancashire please contact us


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